Brief Introduction

  South Asia witnessed an event during 1857 which altered the history of India, Britain, and the British East India Company. South Asia had faced British oppression since 1764 and saw changes in its social and economic realms by a “foreign” colonizers. The event is known as “the mutiny of sepoys” or “India’s first Independent […]


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Mutiny…Rebellion…National Struggle!

The nineteenth century was a time when nationalist fervor dominated European outlook. The “orients” were considered too fractured and decadent to develop sentiments of nationalism. Yet an event transpired in South Asia during 1857 that challenged this stereotype. The Europeans who claimed to be civilized and humane participated in one of the bloodiest struggles for political supremacy. […]

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How the Indian Revolt of 1857 changed Marx!

Karl Marx (1818-1883) seldom requires an introduction. Marx’s ideas about economics, society, and politics made him an important thinker and revolutionary political activist, whose influence is still felt today. Marx, along with his intellectual companion, Friedrich Engels (1820-1895), wrote important analyses of capitalism as a system. It was their belief that capitalism would give way […]

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